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Story of Manan Shah ( Indian Eathical Hacker ) And Avalance Global Solutions - Vivek Tech World

Let's Talk About, Tech-Star Manan Shah - ( Ethical Hacker and founder of Avalance Global Solutions) 

Manan Shah - Founder Of Avalance Global Solutions

Hey Peeps Today i am gonna talk about my inspiration a young cyber security expert Manan Shah, Manan Shah is  26 year old entrepreneur obviously from Gujarat. He is a Founder & CEO of Avalance Global Solutions. He was recognized as the top 100 Security Researcher by the Microsoft. 

Avalance Global solution is a  Cyber Security company, providing Cyber Security platforms to enterprise and governments across the globe.They Protect Large enterprise users for Privacy and Production Houses from Piracy. 

Its All Started in 2008 by a 5 year old Manan who used to go for fixing neighbor's and relative's computers as a hobby for free of-course. then after in 2009 Manan attend a seminar on Ethical Hacking at MS University Vadodra where he  realizes his passion for hacking. 

With over 9 years of experience in cybersecurity, he is part of Microsoft's top 100 security researcher in the world. Currently, he is at the position of the Founder, Director and Chief Executive Officer at Avalance Global Solutions with over 5 offices spread across India, Dubai, and the USA.

As he had passion for computers and knowledge for hacking in 2011 he Started working for various Cyber cell departments of different law enforcement agencies. And Get ahead in the journey.  

In 2014 Manan Shah founds a vulnerability on Go Daddy’s platform and resolved it. And in the same year he Started The Company, Avalance Global Solutions.

in 2015 this Cyber Security Services arm, begins First Angel Investment.  and they setup their first Office Premises in Vadodara and also Setup Smart City Simulation Center in 2016. 

In 2017 Manan Shah - Takes his company global and moved its head office to Mumbai. After that in 2017 Avalance Expands Operations in the New York and Cross 50 Customers Mark. 

in 2019 Manan Shah's Avalance Global Solutions Launched Artificial intelligence  Based Anti-Piracy Solution,that was Funded by Raj Kundra. 

in the year of 2020 Avalance Expands Operations in the UAE. crossed 100+ customer mark.

Avalance Global Solutions with over 5 offices spread across India, Dubai, and the USA. Prior to Avalance, at the age of 21, I have had the opportunity to solve cybercrime cases for some of the biggest MNC's in the world, such as Twitter, Yahoo!, Facebook, Nokia, Blackberry, PayPal, Skype, Google, Apple, Microsoft to name a few.

He is  also Interested in traveling, playing video games and also conducting webinars.

According to  the net worth of Manan Shah was 2,000,000 US Dollars (in 2020). 


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Disclaimer ; This article is written with my personal knowledge and understandings i wrote this article for two resons 1 He inspires me, to go ahead in the tech world, another reson for that is to educate and inform those folks who still don't know him.